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The President looks at QCell's internet access flash drive as CEO Muhammed Jah presents him samples of the company's products.
President Jammeh listens as QCell CEO Muhammed Jah reads out a letter of appreciation to him.

President Jammeh receiving two brand new Espace Motors vehicles from Mr. Jah.


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president jammeh presented qcell products

25th June 2009

The Chief Executive Officer of QCell Mr. Muhammeh Jah recently presented his institution's communication facilities to the President Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh at State House.

Mr. Jah said QCell has the latest telecommunication technology such as 3G third Generation GSM Service. This technology, he went on, allows subscribers to make video calls and also access the internet. This technology is so far available only in South Africa in the African continent. The 3G technology, he said, will enable internet access with a flash drive and a sim card countrywide and QCell presently has 300 Gambian employees with eight experts. The experts' positions will later be taken over by Gambians and Mr Jah commended President Jammeh for encouraging young entrepreneurs like himself.

Receiving the presentations from the CEO of QCell, President Jammeh praised and thanked Allah for making this possible and said whenever he looked at Quantum, it reminds him of what he told Gambians in 1994/95 when he just took over the presidency. The President recalled telling Gambians that God will raise any human being higher if he/she starts anything with determination.

National development, he said, is not all about being employed by government or being in the office but rather working for the benefit of the people as it is through them that national development is possible. If everybody endeavours to eradicate poverty and hunger then it is part of government's role to create the enable environment and infrastructure that belongs to everyone.

He said he has been calling on Gambians to be planting mango or orange trees every year and see what results the fruit trees will produce. President Jammeh also said that today he is proud of those young Gambians who took his message and believe in what he has said and implemented it.

Jammeh expressed pride in Jah's company for bringing in the 3G which is the latest technology in telecommunication and is not available in many countries and The Gambia is the second country in Africa after South Africa.

He pointed out that Gambians should take bold steps to face the future with pride and dignity and said if young people had listened to him as the Q-Cell CEO did then we would have had many Gambian companies like this one.

The President thanked Jah for believing in what he said and putting it into practice. He also congratulated him and urged him to believe in himself and be focused.

President Jammeh promise to partner with Jah's institution for the e-government programme and will work with him. He said he has always wanted Gambians to showcase the achievements of our dear country.

The Ministers of Basic Education, Foreign Affairs and Youths and Sports all hailed Jah's laudable efforts in contributing to national development and at the same time being a role model for youths of this country. They also dilated on the important role played by GSM companies in promoting investment and business through the great potential of GSM technology.

Government can only create the enabling environment and the people should establish themselves in the development process of the nation.

For his part, Muhammed Jah expressed honor and gratitude to the Gambian leader for giving young Gambians the opportunity and encouragement to operate and he is very proud that The Gambia is the second African country to have the 3G GSM technology.

Muhammed Jah seeks permission from President Jammeh to include the launching of QCell in the July 22nd celebrations. Jah revealed that as a product of the Jammeh regime, he is a source of inspiration for President Jammeh himself.

Jah dilated on his appreciation and encouragement of the President's leadership style, government policies and the political will for a progressive and prosperous Gambia. This, he said, will only motivate patriotic Gambians to work even harder. CEO Muhammed Jah presented air conditioners and two new vehicles to President Jammeh.



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