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QuantumNET Institute of Technology (QIT) is part of QuantumNET LTD, a subsidiary of the Q-group of companies which also includes QCell, the first GSM company in the Gambia to operate a 3G network. QuantumNET LTD was established in 1998, as the first independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country, by a dedicated cadre of Gambian engineers, programmers and managers, led by the irrepressibly energetic Muhammed Jah, CEO of the Q-Group. And three years later Quantumnet Training Center came along “to equip the people with the requisite IT skills to make them functional and successful in a world increasingly being transformed by IT, and to make the training for such skills widely accessible and affordable”. This was at a time when IT was quite nascent in this country. And as the first ISP, QuantumNET was uniquely positioned to provide professional, high quality IT training to students, professionals looking to improve their IT skills, and to businesses in both the public and private sectors.

A wide range of IT certifications were on offer at Quantumnet Training Center, including international qualifications from leading names in the world of IT, such as Cisco Academy and Aries Inc. The Training Centre grew and developed, ever increasing its course portfolio, and in 2007, it became QuantumNET Institute of Technology. This change was reflective of the growth the Centre had undergone, in encompassing an even wider variety of IT courses, including a Diploma course in Computing Science and Business Management, delivered in collaboration with Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the University of the Gambia. Over the past years, thousands of people have benefitted from the training received at our institute and have gone on to create countless success stories across various industries.

QIT has the national presence, course accessibility and experience to help you thrive in an ever evolving job market. Our primary focus is on building job-specific abilities by using some of the best practices in professional training. Our carefully structured programmes aim at making our students industry-ready, thereby giving them a decisive advantage in the corporate environment.

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