Welcome To Our Brand Stores.

 A QuantumNET Samsung brand shop is a premium retail outlet that is dedicated to inspiring consumers by truly reflecting our passion for the future as a company by creating an environment that showcases the full range of Samsung products. We have flagship brandshops at the Qcell Building (Kairaba Avenue),  and Brusubi Roundabout.   

We pride ourselves in being the only consumer electronics provider to offer a full range of products to meet your family’s needs, from audio-visual, home appliance, mobile phones and IT products. With the brand store, you have a single point destination where all your family’s, business’s or individual requirements can be met. You do not have to buy from abroad and incur transport and shipping costs any longer, QuantumNET Samsung brings everything to your doorsteps (with excellent quality attributes for the region).

Brusubi Roundabout

Tel: +220 350 4444


Tel: +220 333 3217 / 356 2222